Monday, February 2, 2015

An Open Letter To An Asshole

Dear Young Sir:

I wanted to take the time to address the question that you so boldly asked about myself to your teammates this evening while I was getting into the pool that you were training in.

How did I let myself get like this, you ask?

Well, first off, sir, I am fat not deaf. Those are two entirely different conditions. You would think spending over $100,000 on your college career, you would know the difference, but that's just my state education speaking.

To answer your question, I am not entirely sure how I let myself get like this. Maybe I'm lazy? Maybe I don't have any respect for myself?  Maybe genetics just aren't on my side?  Maybe I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with food? Maybe I suffered a loss so profound that food was a tool I used to not feel empty inside? Maybe I'll always feel empty inside? Maybe I have always been fortunate to be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally, fat or thin?  Maybe it's a combination of all the above listed....the one thing I know for certain is, it's none of your damn business.

When I was your age, I knew just about everything, too. I was so certain of my convictions and my place in the world. I think the term I'm looking for is entitlement. Lucky for you and for me, as well, life has a way of humbling us all. And humble you, it will, my friend.

My prayer for you is that you find your way. That no one ever speaks to or about you the way that you spoke about me or even worse, that no one ever speaks to your children that way. And if they do may all of you have a foundation sturdy enough to know that words are just words. Words do not define an individual but they do have the ability to hurt. I hope you don't have to learn that the hard way.

In closing, I want you to know that we are all fighting battles. We all have our crosses to bear. And being an ass hat, does not help anyone.

By the way, sir, shame on you.


The Fat Girl At The Pool

P.S. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps I was swimming in an attempt to better myself or did you think that I thought I just looked slamming in my swimsuit?

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