Monday, January 5, 2015

Cliche This

I fully realize that this is going to come off as the obligatory, cliché, "New Year, New me" post that you have a heard/seen a billion-thousand times (trust me, it's a real number) since the New Year rolled in.  Let me assure you, things are not always as they appear.

I can Yo-Yo diet like it's my job. Here's what it kinda looks like: Crash diet until I hit my goal, act bat-shit crazy because my body and brain are starved, look smoking hot in needed situation, a month later gain all those pounds back and all those little bastards typically bring a few friends along with them. Vicious cycle.

 I am tired.

Tired of this cycle. Tired of being unhealthy. Tired of feeling terrible all of the time. Tired of being tired.

No more.

I want to get healthy.

I know what you're thinking...Same song different verse, Laura. You've all heard it all before.

This year, however, I turn the big 3-0. I absolutely refuse to turn 30 unhealthy. Not doing it. No thanks. Not me. Not this girl.

In all honesty, my body couldn't take 30 more years of my treating it the way I have. It probably couldn't handle five more years of my blatant disregard for myself and I got too much of the world to change to die. The truth is cruel and hard to accept but it lingers around me all the time.

Healthy not skinny.

Back to the basics today.

Meal prep, working out. Baby steps....

Slow and steady.