Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today We Remember

Today we remember.

We remember those who have served our country and those who have fallen for our country. All gave some, some gave all. For that we will always be grateful.

Today we remember.

We remember our loved ones who we have lost along the way. Their battles different than our military service men and women, but battles none-the-less.

Today we remember.

We remember their vest for life. We smile at their stories. And if we try real hard, we can still hear their laughter.

Today we remember.

We remember and we hold on like hell to that memory. Regardless of how we lost our loved one, we all have the desire for their legacy to live on. Our greatest fear is that others will forget.

Today we remember.

Like yesterday and the day before that.

Today we remember.

We remember the happy times. We remember the sad times. The sad times make the happy times that much sweeter.

Today we remember.

We remember when we see others who also live every day feeling the vast unfairness of a life lost too soon. We remember as we walk past one another.  We don't have to even speak. A nod of the head and a look towards the ground sends a message in which words could never appropriately convey. Our grief is the same. Our grief is different. Only those who have felt that grief will understand what I am talking about.

Today we remember.

We remember that sometimes we still have to take every day, one at a time. If that becomes too much, we take it an by the hour, by the minute, by the second......Regardless of how long it's been, there are still those times when the grief catches up to us. It is then we revert to the coping mechanisms that got us through the beginning.

Today we remember.

We remember because they would want it that way. They would want us to think of them often but never in sadness.

Today we remember.

Like we could ever forget.

Memorial Day 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

For All You Are, For All You Do


Ever since I was little, I have noticed something about my mom. Every day, she has a good time.

Life hasn't always been easy for her nor has it been fair.

Yet, she continues to carry on. She continues to laugh. She continues to be strong. For that is all she knows.

She makes the world a little bit better. God knows she makes me a little bit better.

When I say my mom is my best friend, it's not in that cliché way. Okay, a little bit in that cliché way (regardless of how horrible I am being she still has to love me...she signed a contract.) However, even if she weren't my mom, I'd still choose her as my best friend. Even though, she has the ability to drive me absolutely bat shit crazy but there is no one I would rather share my adventures in life with.

She tells it like it is. She has no qualms about calling anyone on their bullshit. You always know where she stands because by golly, she's gonna tell you.

She is beautiful and honest. She is quick witted and smart. She is funny and wise. She loves her family more than anything in this world and may God take mercy on your soul if you hurt one of them.

She is feisty and sassy. Take note, if you ever see ol' G-A-I-L's hand go to her hip and a finger shoot up to your face, friend, you've got a few problems on your hands. Good luck with that.

She is a supporter. A cheerleader. A mediator. A mentor. An advocate.

She looks at everyone in this world and sees their beauty and potential. I now know where Ethan got it.

I hope that one day I can be as strong and comfortable in who I am as she is in herself.

Every day, I hope I make her proud.

I don't know if I'm there yet, but I'm working on it. Promise.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma Whitesel.

Love You The Most!